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Grab Easy Bar

Grab Bars are one of the most cost-effective most important safety tools available to help equip your home for those with any type of mobility issue. They are easily installed and give an extra lift for those who are aging, weak from surgery, illness, heart or lung conditions, stroke or for those who rely on […]

Create a Spa in Your Walk-in Tub

Rane Tubs are created out of the most medical experience of any other Walk-in Tub available. For three decades, they have been designing and crafting Accessible Tubs for Health Care Settings. Rane Bathing and Accessibility knows everything there is to know about offering safe, accessible and comfortable tubs to homes and facilities. Great care and […]

Extra Large Walk-In Tub

If you or your loved one is a larger size and you are ready to look into the possibility of a Walk-in Tub, you will want to check with the leader and pioneer in the field of Walk-in Tubs. Rane Bathing and Accessibility has been designing, patenting and innovative in creating bathing solutions for health […]

Amazing Health Benefits of Bathing

The earth is made up of 71% water and our bodies consist of about 60% water. We need water to live. Not only to live but to enjoy healthy lives. Bathing in water is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Rane Bathing and Accessibility wants everyone to be able to enjoy the healthy benefits […]

Seating is Important for Walk-in Tubs

When you are comparing Walk-in Tubs, don’t forget to check out the seating differences. Rane Bathing and Accessibility has been designing and crafting accessible Walk-in Tubs for over three decades. In fact, the founder of Rane was a pioneer in the creating, patenting and engineering of the first Walk-in Tubs for medical facilities. There are […]

No More Slips, Trips or Falls with Rane Walk-in Tubs

A common goal for workplace safety is “no more slips, trips and falls.” That is also one of the major missions for Rane Bathing and Accessibility as they design, manufacture and install any of their highly rated Walk-in Tubs in private homes. No Walk-in Tub company has more experience and knowledge about safety and accessibility […]

Marine Grade Strength Walk-in Tubs

Marine Grade Strength Walk-in Tubs Want the strongest and the most accessible Walk-in Tub available that is just as beautiful as it is strong? Rane Bathing and Accessibility is a pioneer in creating new innovations and the leader in healthcare experience of any residential Walk-in Tub company today. Not only does this family-owned and operated […]

Medical Background Makes Rane Walk-in Tubs Different

There are a lot of companies now offering residential Walk-in Tubs but it is wise to do some research before installing one in your home. If you want a company that was in on the ground floor of designing and making Walk-in Tubs for those with mobility challenges, you will want to check out Rane […]

Walk-in Tubs and the Chill Factor

Many people are opting to install Walk-in Tubs in their private homes. There are multiple reasons – safety, easier accessibility, to get your home ready to age-in-place and the convenience of simply stepping into a luxurious bathing experience. Rane Bathing and Accessibility has been designing Accessible Bathing for healthcare institutions for more than thirty years. […]

Rane Contoured Seats

Rane Walk-in Tubs have the most medically-inspired designs of any tub on the market. In fact, Rane Bathing and Accessibility has been designing and creating bathing tubs and accessories in the health care field for over thirty years now. The founder was a pioneer of the Walk-in Tub market three decades ago. Now, you can […]