Create a Spa in Your Walk-in Tub

Create a Spa in Your Walk-in Tub

Rane Tubs are created out of the most medical experience of any other Walk-in Tub available. For three decades, they have been designing and crafting Accessible Tubs for Health Care Settings. Rane Bathing and Accessibility knows everything there is to know about offering safe, accessible and comfortable tubs to homes and facilities. Great care and research ensure bathing in one of their Walk-in Tubs means no more slips, trips or falls.  Their Walk-in Tubs must meet or exceed all medical criteria so you can be sure their home models do as well. But with all their proven medical experience, they want bathing to be a soothing relaxing experience for you. That’s why Rane offers these extra options for their Walk-in Tubs:

Rane Bathing and Accessibility

The CleanRane Air Spa System – millions of bubbles hydro-massage you as you bathe. Sit back in a reclined position while preheated air bubbles in the water stimulate your skin, increase peripheral blood circulation, reduce aches and pains, soothes nerves and gently massages away dirt and stress as you relax in your own private spa in the best Rane Walk-in Tub for you and your space.

Whirlpool System – Add this feature to enjoy all the physical and emotional benefits of eight heated jet sprays that circulate the water to gently massage you as you bathe. Rejuvenate tired muscles and take advantage of the pain relief offered by pure water.

Aromatherapy – Essential oils are diffused at the rim of the tub surrounding you with fragrance and healing oils as you bathe. Use your choices of essential oils to soothe headaches relax, invigorate or use for various treatments. The aromatherapy combined with the bathing experience double the impact of your health benefits of your Rane walk-in tub.

Chromatherapy – Multi-colored lights are positioned to change the colors of the water along with the pulse of the water creating a soothing setting as you bathe in your Rane accessible walk-in tub. The pulse of the colors change with a quiet rhythm to create a full therapeutic experience as you bathe in your Rane Walk-in Tub.

Your Rane Bathing and Accessibility professional can help you find the perfect Walk-in tub to provide safety, accessibility and comfort at an affordable price, but you just might want to add these extras to make bathing a natural way to relieve pain and stress.