Extra Large Walk-In Tub

Extra Large Walk-In Tub

If you or your loved one is a larger size and you are ready to look into the possibility of a Walk-in Tub, you will want to check with the leader and pioneer in the field of Walk-in Tubs. Rane Bathing and Accessibility has been designing, patenting and innovative in creating bathing solutions for health care facilities for over three decades. Their Walk-in tubs for clinical settings and residential settings offer the best features to ensure safety, accessibility and comfort.  They have a beautiful Walk-in Tub created for those of a larger size so they can enjoy all the benefits of bathing in luxurious safety.

Rane’s RB14 Mediterranean Large Walk-in Tub

RB14 Mediterranean

Everything about this tub makes it safe and easy to soak up aches, pains and stress in a comfortable tub fitted for a larger size. Like every other Rane Walk-in Tub, safety is always the top priority. Bathrooms with their slick floors and hard-to-maneuver tubs are real fall risks. More injuries occur in the bathroom than any other room of the house. This tub is made with safety, accessibility, and comfort for the size you need. The low threshold and wider door with side entry makes it easy and safe to enter whether you are transferring from a wheelchair or stepping into the tub.

Walk-in Tub Fit for You

This exquisitely styled larger Walk-in Tub is designed for you with its spacious side door and 28-inch-wide seat that is contoured for your body and slightly tilted to offer a relaxing position which keeps you from sliding forward and designed to drain away from you. The sleek exterior of this tub gives your bath an upscale look of a personal spa right in your own bathroom. The interior is smooth, sturdy and comfortable with its lustrous gel coating finish which keeps it looking new for years. The RB14 Mediterranean can be used as a built-in tub, free-standing or corner tub, depending on your space and preferences.

Rane’s Standard and Optional Features

This Rane Tub is so stylish, it is easy to forget it was designed for safety, accessibility and comfort for the larger person. It comes with the Roman Deck Mount Value Package for fixtures unless you want another choice. The hand-held shower wand makes it easy to wash your hair and body. It has a removable access panel for wheelchair transfer devices. Create even more of a spa setting with optional jet sprays and aromatherapy packages.

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