Rane Offers the Industry’s Best Walk-In Tub Door

Rane offers the best walk-in tub key lock door


The Key to Choosing a Walk-in Tub

One of the most important aspects to a great Walk-in Tub is in the door. That’s just one of the reasons Rane Walk-in Tubs are the best in the industry. That’s also why Rane Bathing and Accessibility can offer a lifetime warranty on their doors against leaking due to their exclusive KeyLock™ design. Rane Bathing and Accessibility was founded by a pioneer in the Walk-in Tub field. They have been highly respected and their bathing units have been sought after for years by health care facilities.

Rane Bathing Walk-In Tub KeyLock™ Door

A lot of companies have jumped on board the Walk-in Tub bandwagon, but Rane has more expertise and history of success in the engineering and design of Walk-in tubs than any of them. Through years of working with the healthcare field to develop bathing units that are safe, comfortable, accessible and affordable, Rane has stayed ahead of the curve. Through the years, they have listened to the input of therapists and healthcare professionals to keep finding ways to provide a safer way for those with all kinds of mobility challenges to truly enjoy the experience of bathing with more independence.

RB14 KeyLock™ Walk-In Bath Tub

Rane has brought all that expertise to designing Walk-in Tubs for residential use. Every single Walk-in Tub Rane designs includes decades of improving and adding more innovative features. The KeyLock™ design on the doors is critical to a proper long-lasting water tight seal. The door is pulled down and in, until it forms a water tight seal.

Rane KeyLock™ Walk-In Bath Tub

Rane not only designs highly functional, safe and accessible walk-in tubs for the home, but they are stylishly lovely. They present themselves as a personal spa in your own private bathroom. When you step into a Rane Walk-in Tub, it is like stepping into a resort. No more worries about falling, not being able to get in or out on your own—just pure relaxation and refreshment. The KeyLock™ design on the door is only one feature that has earned Rane’s superior rating on their Walk-in Tubs. There are so many other reasons, so many features, so many models, and so much knowledge and experience. 

Check out the website or contact Rane today to discover all the other reasons to choose a Rane Walk-in Tub above all others.