History of Rane Creates the Best Walk-in Tubs

History of Rane Walk In Bath TubsYou know you are getting a superior Walk-in Tub when you purchase one from Rane Bathing and Accessibility. They have the history to prove it. You get the experience of three generations from a family dedicated to improving bathing for those with mobility issues. The current owner, Rich Piper, tells how his stepfather was a pioneer in designing the first Walk-in tubs that made it possible for professionals in healthcare facilities to offer safer, more accessible bathing for their patients. He first began designing tubs in 1990 which would revolutionize bathing in healthcare settings for those with mobility challenges. Today, Rane offers the best Walk-in Tubs in the industry for both facility and residential use, all built on a rich history that sets them high above the mark.

Input of Therapists and Health Professionals

From the very start to the present, as they built their business in Walk-in Tubs, they listened to therapists who were bathing patients day-in and day-out. These healthcare professionals gave Rane their input on making improvements to the walk-in tubs they designed. Ideas ranged from making it safer and easier to get in and out of the tubs while adding features to aide in more independence in personal bathing. The contoured seating designed for human anatomy came about through recommendations of therapists.  Suggestions were tested and incorporated into the next generation of walk-in tubs.

Strength of Materials

While building more Rane tubs, they were also growing in their knowledge of the materials they were using. Rane is a premier member of ACMA (American Composite Manufacturing Association). They have also built such diversified products as boating seats, seating for Burger King and other large restaurants. They even manufacture tow truck bodies and motorcycle trailers. Much has been learned about strengthening their materials which has definitely impacted the strength of Rane’s Walk-in Tubs. They have their gel-coating for a sleek comfortable finish.

From Industrial to Residential Tubs

Residential Walk-In Tubs

Three generations have kept this commitment to providing a Walk-in Tub that creates a safe, independent and enjoyable bathing experience. All the knowledge from years of designing Walk-in Tubs for facilities goes into their unique and stylish designs for private home use. Rane Walk-in Tubs may be strong, functional and therapeutic, but they also look and feel like you are stepping into a spa in your own home. They add an upscale look to your existing bathroom while making bathing safe, accessible and a relaxing experience for everyone in the family.

Contact Rane today to discover all the innovative features and designs of their Walk-in Tubs which are American made and created from years of history and experience.