Walk-in Tubs and the Chill Factor

Walk-in Tubs and the Chill Factor

Many people are opting to install Walk-in Tubs in their private homes. There are multiple reasons – safety, easier accessibility, to get your home ready to age-in-place and the convenience of simply stepping into a luxurious bathing experience. Rane Bathing and Accessibility has been designing Accessible Bathing for healthcare institutions for more than thirty years. They are the most respected Walk-in Tub company due to all their knowledge and expertise. The founder of this family-owned company was a pioneer in the Walk-in Tub industry. Creating and installing accessible bathing tubs for more than three decades for use in long-term care facilities, assisted living settings, hospitals, and therapeutic clinics has provided a lot of opportunities for professional health care input. There are so many reasons a Rane Walk-in Tub is the best but this blog will focus on the “chill factor.”

Minimizing the Chill Factor

Although safety and accessibility are the predominant features Rane focuses on, they also design for comfort. One of the things that makes a bath more comforting is to shorten the time the bather is exposed without clothes in a wet condition. That is what Rane calls the “Chill Factor.” There is nothing more soothing and relaxing than a nice warm bath. Getting in and out can be a little chilly, though. Rane designers work hard to shorten that time so bathing can be the most pleasant experience possible for those with and without mobility challenges.

Fastest Filling and Draining Walk-in Tub

Rane Bathing and Accessibility offers a number of models and options of Walk-in Tubs for home use. A lot of thought and engineering goes into minimizing those chilly moments as the tub fills and drains. Rane Tubs have exquisite lines that present their tubs as an upscale spa in your own bathroom at an affordable price. Those lines are not just for beauty, though. Each line is molded into Rane’s Tubs to minimize the amount of water used and the time required to fill the tub. A smaller space and volume of water is required around the feet and legs than around the body. Rane Tubs fill quickly once you have stepped in or transferred from a wheelchair to sit on the ergonomic contoured seating. The tub also drains quickly due to those same design elements.

Long Warm Baths – Short Chill Time

Rane Walk-in tubs are so easy to enter. The special design of their KeyLock™ Doors allow the doors to seal with no leakage so the tubs fill quickly surrounding you in warm refreshing water. Optional Jet sprays and heaters create a spa atmosphere in the lovely Rane Tubs. The contoured seating and tub design offer optimal relaxing comfort so you can take as long a bath as you want. The health benefits of bathing go far beyond simple cleaning to refresh, renew and relax the mind, body and soul. Contact your Rane Professional today to learn all the other reasons a Rane Walk-in Tub is the best there is.