Rane Contoured Seats

Rane Contoured Seats

Rane Walk-in Tubs have the most medically-inspired designs of any tub on the market. In fact, Rane Bathing and Accessibility has been designing and creating bathing tubs and accessories in the health care field for over thirty years now. The founder was a pioneer of the Walk-in Tub market three decades ago. Now, you can have the benefit of all that knowledge and expertise in your own home with a Rane residential Walk-in Tub at an affordable price. These beautifully designed Walk-in Tubs have had years of medical professionals’ input, including the Rane ergonomic contoured seating.

Designed with Therapists’ Suggestions

Rane Bathing and Accessibility has equipped our nation’s hospitals, long-term care facilities, Assisted Living settings and therapeutic clinics with Walk-in Accessible Tubs for thirty years. They are highly-respected by health care professionals. Since thousands of patients have benefited from Rane Bathing units, Rane has also listened to health care providers and therapists through the years to make their Walk-in Tubs safer, more accessible, more functional and provide a better bathing experience for independent use and assisted bathing. No other Walk-in Tub company has as much input from healthcare professionals as Rane does.

Unique Contoured Seating

Most Walk-in Tub companies have flat seating, but Rane has continued to be innovative in the designs of their seating. The special design and creation of their molded contoured seating comes from suggestions by Physical and Occupational Therapists. They are made to comfortably fit human anatomy. The shape of the seating is not just for comfort, however. The seating is slightly pitched back to protect from slipping forward. The seats on most other Walk-in Tubs tend to tilt forward for drainage. Rane’s Walk-in Tub seating not only tilts back to provide comfortable safe seating, it has a stylish track built in to drain water away from the bather at the back of the seat. All these little details provide the safest, most accessible relaxing bathing experience available in a Walk-in Tub.

Strongest, Safest, Most Functional and Loveliest Walk-in Tub

Rane Walk-in Tubs are the best choice in a Home Walk-in Tub for so many reasons. Rane has had many years of experience in designing beautiful bench-style seating for a major fast food chain. Their tubs, including the seating, are designed from heavy duty marine grade composite material. Their Walk-in Tubs are molded from the same material used on Wrecker Truck beds to keep them from rusting out from harsh winters, salt and ice. They are covered in a strong protective gel to provide a comfortable smooth finish with a lovely luster. Rane Walk-in Tubs offer easy transition from wheelchair to tub seating, or you can simply step in and sit down to enjoy a relaxing bath in the upscale look and spa-like feel of a Rane Walk-in Tub in your own home.

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