Different Choices of Doors for Walk-in Tubs

Different Choices of Doors for Walk-in Tubs

There are a lot of difference in Walk-in Tubs. One of the variants is in the doors. Rane Bathing and Accessibility is different in the first place as it is the only Walk-in-Tub manufacturer which started out with a medical background. They’ve been making tubs for the healthcare field for over thirty years. They are well-respected for providing safe quality bathing units for assisted living, long-term facilities and hospitals. This family-owned and operated company brings all that experience into designing and crafting Walk-in Tubs for residential use. So much goes into a Rane Walk-in Tub that it is too much to go into in this particular post. (Check out our other posts for other features.) Today we will look at differences in doors for Walk-in Tubs.

Rane RC2 Pacific Residential Walk-In Tub

Doors That Swing In

Doors that swing inside of the tub are used by those with different levels of mobility but especially for who can bear their own weight or those who are at least partially independent. The user stands up and steps into the tub, sits down in the comfortable contoured seat and closes the door. Rane Tubs fill quickly and drain quickly so the bather is not getting chilled for long. “Swing-in Doors” are also slightly less expensive due to manufacturing elements.

Rane RH6 Walk-In Tub

Doors That Swing Out

Doors that swing out are a great choice for all levels of mobility. Even someone in a wheelchair can easily transfer or slide into the contoured seat and then close the door. The outward swinging door truly eliminates all slips, trips and falls because the bather backs into the comfortable therapeutic seating, swings their legs into the tub and then closes the door. The patented “KeyLock™” system tightens and pushes down the door so there is no way any water can escape. Instead of a “Walk-in Tub,” it is probably more accurately called a “Back-in Tub.”

Rane RM3 Outward Swinging Walk-In Tub Door

Contoured Doors

Some of the Rane Walk-in Tubs have a specially-designed cut-out on their door which maximizes space in a small bathroom. The door can actually swing out over an existing toilet. Depending on the layout of your exiting bathroom, the door can swing out to the right or to the left, making it easy to enter and exit while fully utilizing your space. This also eliminates major changes in your bath area like having to move a toilet.

Contact your caring Rane Bathing and Accessibility professional who wants to bring all the best of their medical knowledge to help you get one of the elegant Rane Walk-in Tubs at a price you can afford right in your home.