Walk-in Tubs as Tough as Tow Trucks

Rane Walk-in Tubs as Tough as Tow Trucks

If you are looking into the possibility of getting a Walk-in Tub for your home, you should get the strongest one available. Rane Bathing and Accessibility has been designing Walk-in Tubs for over thirty years. In fact, Rane was a pioneer in the field of creating Walk-in Tubs for health care facilities across America. They were already creating, designing and manufacturing various products with various composite materials when they began creating Walk-in Tubs for hospitals, long-term facilities, assisted living and therapeutic clinics thirty years ago. They are proud members of the American Composite Manufactures Association. They have been creating diversified products from composite material for decades and that has helped them create the strongest Walk-in Tubs for home use available.

Tow Trucks and Walk-in Tubs

A major fleet of a Wrecker company that works in northern USA came to Rane searching for some kind of replacement for their heavy metal truck beds which rusted out quickly due to the ice, salt and extreme weather which wreaked havoc as they were out towing vehicles in treacherous winters. Rane went to work to design new beds from heavy duty marine grade composite material which could withstand the rigorous abuse of the Wreckers’ harsh work and drastic weather. So what does this have to do with Rane’s amazing Walk-in Tubs? The same marine grade composite material is what their tubs are manufactured from. If it can take the thrashing of those tow trucks in harsh conditions, it can handle whatever might happen in your home’s Walk-in Tub!

Strong, Durable and Safe

Although Rane Tubs are designed to be incredibly strong, safety always comes first. “No slips, trips or falls” is always foremost in every model Walk-in Tub Rane designs and manufactures. Through the thirty years of equipping health care facilities with Accessible Walk-in Tubs that can take the wear and tear of hundreds of patients/residents, they have gained knowledge from recommendations of therapists, nurses, aides and medical personnel for improvements in even the smallest details to make Rane Tubs even more safe and bathing more accessible to those with all levels of mobility challenges. Rane has also created strong comfortable seating for major restaurants which has helped them develop the best seating available in Walk-in Tubs.

Strong, Therapeutic and Lovely

Rane Residential Walk-In Tubs

It’s reassuring to know the strength of Rane’s Walk-in Tubs, but you forget all about that when you see the lovely lines and curves which make your bathroom look like and feel an upscale spa. Each of those exquisite lines also serve a purpose- either to minimize how much water is required to fill and drain from your Rane Walk-in Tub, to channel water so that it drains safely and completely, or to fit the human body to be seated in the safest most comfortable position. Designers took all the recommendations of therapists and created forms to fit human anatomy and keep you from slipping so you can relax and enjoy a safe refreshing bath. Contact a Rane professional today to see which model will best fit your needs and space.