Marine Grade Strength Walk-in Tubs

Marine Grade Strength Walk-in Tubs

Marine Grade Strength Walk-in Tubs

Want the strongest and the most accessible Walk-in Tub available that is just as beautiful as it is strong? Rane Bathing and Accessibility is a pioneer in creating new innovations and the leader in healthcare experience of any residential Walk-in Tub company today. Not only does this family-owned and operated manufacturing company have three generations with a combined eighty years of experience, but they make their lines of Rane tubs with the strongest marine grade material to ensure a tub that lasts and offers safe accessibility at an affordable price right in your own home.

Safety First

At the top of the list for Rane Tubs, safety is always first. The wet slippery floors of the bathroom make it the most dangerous room in the home as far as falls are concerned. In designing, crafting and installing—Rane strives for “no slips, trips or falls.” One of the main reasons people begin looking for a walk-in tub is because it is more difficult to safely lift legs over the tub to get in or out. Rane offers a variety of models which help anyone with any degree of mobility to transfer from a wheelchair or simply step into a tub. Getting up and down in a traditional tub is a dangerous, if not impossible, feat for many. That’s why Rane began designing and making accessible tubs decades ago for healthcare facilities.

Decades of Innovations

Because Rane Bathing and Accessibility has been meeting the needs of bathing for large numbers of people in healthcare settings, they have learned how to make their lovely line of tubs strong enough to hold the heaviest patients and a large amount of people. That means the strongest Walk-in Tubs are now available to install in your own home. Rane has learned through the years how to design and which parts will last the longest. Because they have been a leader in Composite material and molding manufacturing, they know the strong marine grade material used for boats is the same strength needed for Rane tubs.

Strong but Elegant and Functional

This particular piece focuses on the strength of Rane Walk-in Tubs, but as mentioned before, safety is always first. The KeyLock™ and choices of doors ensures no leaks, molded seating designed for comfort and safety, the luster of the gel finish on the marine grade material are a few more strong reasons to check out Rane Walk-in Tubs. The exquisite design gives an upscale feel to your existing bathroom while letting you simply step in and sit down to a relaxing healthy bath. The lovely lines are not just for looks. Each curve adds more safety, drains more quickly, use less water and fits the body more comfortably. Contact a Rane professional for more information.