No More Slips, Trips or Falls with Rane Walk-in Tubs

No More Slips, Trips or Falls with Rane Walk-in Tubs

A common goal for workplace safety is “no more slips, trips and falls.” That is also one of the major missions for Rane Bathing and Accessibility as they design, manufacture and install any of their highly rated Walk-in Tubs in private homes. No Walk-in Tub company has more experience and knowledge about safety and accessibility in healthcare settings than Rane. Their founder was instrumental in pioneering the field of Walk-in Tubs for hospitals, long-term care facilities, assisted living settings and therapeutic clinics. This family-owned, American-made company has now spanned three generations with combined 80 years of experience in designing, creating and installing safe affordable Walk-in Tubs in healthcare settings and in private residences.

Safety First

Since Rane’s long history began with designing bathing options for patients in healthcare settings, their utmost goal has always been to provide those with mobility issues access to safe, easy access while bathing. Their designs for healthcare always include ways to keep both care-giver and patient safe in wet slippery settings. Statistics prove that residential and clinical bathrooms hold the highest rate of dangerous falls. As you can imagine, healthcare standards for safeguarding against falls while bathing are stringent. Rane brings all those same safety features they have been using for decades in healthcare settings into their residential Walk-in Tubs. Every single new design has to meet their “No slips, trips or falls” standards.

Safe Accessibility

Most slips, trips and falls while bathing occur while entering or exiting the tub. Years of designs and innovations have made Rane Walk-in Tubs the safest tubs available. Perhaps you or a loved one needs to transfer from a wheelchair to the tub. Rane has a model that will best suit your needs, depending on the amount of mobility you have. Perhaps you or a loved one needs more accessible bathing due to an illness, accident, long recovery, stroke or heart issues, or aging has made bathing increasingly difficult. Every little feature and line of a Rane Walk-in Tub is created to make bathing safer, more conducive to independent bathing and comfortable enjoyment.

Safety Features

Of course, a Walk-in Tub raises the standard of safety immediately because it eliminates lifting legs up and over a wet slippery tub rim. The availability of various doors offers easy safe access and allow you to easily transfer, walk right in or back in to sit down in a safe contoured seat that is in a reclined position offering a lovely spa-like experience in the safest Walk-in Tub available. A Rane professional will be honored to point out many more safety features that means no more slips, trips or falls!