Seating is Important for Walk-in Tubs

Seating is Important for Walk-in Tubs

Seating is Important for Walk-in Tubs

When you are comparing Walk-in Tubs, don’t forget to check out the seating differences. Rane Bathing and Accessibility has been designing and crafting accessible Walk-in Tubs for over three decades. In fact, the founder of Rane was a pioneer in the creating, patenting and engineering of the first Walk-in Tubs for medical facilities. There are many features which have been fine-tuned and improved to make Rane Tubs the very best residential Walk-in Tub on the market. We will take a look at their seating since a lot of Walk-in Tubs overlook the importance of seating designs.

RC2 Pacific Walk In Tub

Seating is Critical

A lot of other tubs simply use flat benches as an after-thought, but Rane has taken the thoughts and suggestions of therapists and other medical professionals into account over thirty years to create the safest, most comfortable and safest seating available in an accessible walk-in tub. First of all, the seating is created from heavy duty marine strength material to hold a lot of weight and keep its shape under all types of conditions. The seating is comfort-pitched to the rear so the user doesn’t feel like they could slip down at any time. The comfortable slightly-reclined position encourages relaxing refreshment. Therapists who used Rane tubs offered suggestions over the years which have resulted in molding which is formed to human anatomy instead of a straight flat uncomfortable surface.

RH6 St. Croix

Designed for a Purpose

Although the lovely lines of a Rane Walk-in Tub were created first of all for safety and accessibility, they offer a beautiful spa-like setting that adds style to your existing bathroom. There are also artistic lines which are worked into the design that look exquisite but actually serve a purpose. They allow drainage at the back of the seat as well as easy peri care to cleanse those hard to reach places while seated. The unique designs of Rane’s Walk-in Tubs also offer the benefit of efficient water use while allowing water to drain quickly so the bather doesn’t chill before stepping out of the tub. Rane’s seating allows for easy transfer from a wheelchair, or safe easy access for those who can simply step into the tub and sit down for a warm relaxing bath. The strong gel coating of a Rane Walk-in Tub is 18-20 ml thick while most other tubs are 5-10 ml thick. You can count on the luxurious finish on the tub as well as the seating for a strong finish which keeps it looking fresh and feeling smooth.

There are so many features which help Rane Walk-in Tubs rise above the others at an affordable price. Seating is just one of those which has been tested and improved in long-term care, hospitals, clinics and in homes for three decades. Let a Rane professional tell you about all the other amazing features.