Fighting the Coronavirus with Rane Bathing Systems

Fighting the Pandemic Together

Fighting the Coronavirus with Rane Bathing Systems

Rane Bathing and Accessibility has been aware of the great care our American healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities have been providing for our country the entire thirty years we have been working alongside them to provide accessible bathing solutions. During this time of unprecedented challenges, we want to salute those in the medical field as they fight this Coronavirus battle to save lives.

Our state-of-the-art facility located centrally in Sparta, Tennessee has been untouched so far by the virus, but we realize that many of our residential customers and the healthcare facilities we serve have not been so blessed. They are often located in more highly populated areas with much more risk of exposure. The thousands of healthcare facilities we serve across the nation are virtually locked down to protect their vulnerable residents. Our thoughts are with you, as we continue our work to design and produce the safest and most accessible home and commercial walk-in Tubs available.

Safe Work Place

Though our area of Tennessee has very few cases of COVID-19, we are providing safe working conditions for our employees while still crafting quality products to be used in private homes and in healthcare settings anywhere in the United States. Safety has always been at the forefront of what we do anyway. It is a top priority to build into each tub we design to provide safety for those who are bathing as well as for their caregivers. Safety features are engineered into the walk-in tubs for private home use as well as for facility use. That includes “no trips, slips or falls” as well as no scalding. They even sanitize. Rane Bathing and Accessibility was founded as we pioneered the first accessible Walk-in tubs for healthcare use.

Commercial Rane Walk-in Tubs Helping Now

Since nursing homes and healthcare facilities seem to be one of the hardest-hit populations in this particular battle, we know the existing Rane commercial Accessible Walk-in Tubs are already being used to combat the spread of this deadly virus to the older generation. Regular bathing helps fight the spread of this novel virus which is particularly life-threatening to those in nursing homes. Not only do Rane Tubs make it safer and easier for residents to enter and exit the tubs, it protects caregivers from musculoskeletal injuries and more productive bath times. Our commercial Walk-in Tubs have a built-in sanitizing station to reduce chance of cross- contamination.

Everyone in America can do their part to fight this pandemic from stocking groceries, driving trucks, sewing face masks, checking on neighbors…the list is endless. We are all interconnected and depend on one another. Rane will continue to craft the safest and most accessible Walk-in Tubs for residential and healthcare use.