Walk-in Tubs with a Medical Background

Walk-in Tubs with a Medical Background

Walk-in Tubs with a Medical Background

A lot of people are considering the advantages of a walk-in tub for their home. Perhaps you are one of them. There are a lot of Walk-in Tub companies in the market, but only one with the experience and knowledge that comes with Rane. This family-owned Walk-in Tub company’s founder, Jim McKraker, was a pioneer in designing, pioneering and crafting the first Walk-in Tubs for healthcare facilities. Rane Bathing and Accessibility has been producing accessible tubs for healthcare facilities for over thirty years, and is highly respected by medical professionals nationwide. If you are going to get a walk-in tub for your home, it would be wise to check out their residential line of Walk-in Tubs.

Medical Standards in a Home Walk-in Tub

As you can imagine, the standards are high for accessible bathing in healthcare facilities. Safety is always a top priority. The details designed for safety and accessibility in Rane’s commercial tubs are carried over into their residential tubs. Rane is much more than your average Walk-in Tub company. Through the years, Rane has listened to input from multiple therapists and other healthcare professionals to continue adding new design features to ensure safety and accessibility. Even the ergonomic contoured seating was designed to comfortably fit human anatomy. The slightly reclined seating keeps the bather from slipping down into the tub but allows them to relax and enjoy the bathing experience.

Accessible Tubs with a Spa Atmosphere

Rane’s designers have added their style to these highly functional tubs that cause you to forget they were created with accessibility in mind. These exquisite Walk-in Tubs add a resort-feel to your home giving your bathroom an upscale look. You may be interested in a Walk-in Tub for someone who uses a wheelchair, walker or cane. Perhaps it is harder to lift your legs up and into a traditional tub safely. Maybe you are making changes to your home, getting it ready to age-in-place. It could be you just love the style and ease of a Rane Walk-in Tub. Make bathing a relaxing experience for your entire family with the luxury of simply stepping into a tub and sitting in a comfortable position as you soak in the warm water enveloping you.

Available Features in Rane Walk-in Tubs

Choose from freestanding tubs or built-in tubs to fit your space and your needs. Rane designed their Walk-in Tub doors to open from the left or right to fit your specific floorplan. Check out the unique cut-away door that even swings out over your existing toilet to maximize your space. Rane carries models with different sizes and shapes. And for even more of a spa-feel, add the CleanRane Air Spa system that massages and soothes with warm air bubbles, the Chromatherapy which uses lights to soothe tired nerves, the Rane Whirlpool system for deep massage, or the Aromatherapy which releases healing essential oils to provide healing and more ambiance.

Contact your Rane Bathing and Accessibility experts today to learn more. Whether you want a Walk-in Tub for a mobility-challenged family member or are planning ahead to age-in-place.