Rane Bathing Grab Bar

Grab Easy Bar

Grab Easy Bar

Grab Bars are one of the most cost-effective most important safety tools available to help equip your home for those with any type of mobility issue. They are easily installed and give an extra lift for those who are aging, weak from surgery, illness, heart or lung conditions, stroke or for those who rely on wheelchairs or walkers to get around. Rane makes the Grab Easy Bar which is one of the best on the market.

Purpose of a Grab Bar

When installed near a toilet, the Grab Easy Bar gives a built-in stabilizing handle to hang on to when sitting down, standing up or even pulling oneself up from a difficult seated position. They can be installed vertically, horizontally or diagonally- depending on the layout of your bathroom and the height needed for the person who will be using it. The Grab Easy Bar offers stability when standing up or transferring. It can give a rock-solid handle to help pull oneself from the extremely difficult position of sitting to standing. Many with a mobility challenge do not have sufficient strength in their legs to pull themselves unaided to stand. Grab Bars are a very critical and practical way to provide safe assistance in the bathroom for toileting or bathing.

Installation of Grab Bars

Grab Bars can be installed at different angles but the most important part of installation is making sure they are well-anchored to give optimum support. Find your studs in the wall to attach the grab bars to them. Most studs are between 16-32 inches apart. Bars can also be anchored using toggle bolts where there is no stud, but obviously a stud will give more strength. Vertical application is a great position for holding while stepping into or out of a tub or shower. Horizontal is good for next to a toilet or chair. The user can use their weight on it to get up. A diagonal installation is good for multiple users as they can use different parts of the bar and it is easier on the wrist.

What Makes the Grab Easy So Good?

Rane Bathing and Accessibility makes a Stainless-Steel Non-Slip Grab Bar that is one of the sturdiest, safest Grab Bars around. The unique non-slip grip of the GRAB EASY bar allows a great handhold even for weak hands. It insures a good grip. Nothing about the Grab Easy will slip as you hold it offering a safe foundation to hold on to. It is easy to clean and comes in lots of sizes as well as the versatile V-shape Grab Easy. They are available in multiple colors including White Pale Blue and Glow-in-the-Dark. Contact Rane Bathing and Accessibility today.

Create a Spa in Your Walk-in Tub

Create a Spa in Your Walk-in Tub

Create a Spa in Your Walk-in Tub

Rane Tubs are created out of the most medical experience of any other Walk-in Tub available. For three decades, they have been designing and crafting Accessible Tubs for Health Care Settings. Rane Bathing and Accessibility knows everything there is to know about offering safe, accessible and comfortable tubs to homes and facilities. Great care and research ensure bathing in one of their Walk-in Tubs means no more slips, trips or falls.  Their Walk-in Tubs must meet or exceed all medical criteria so you can be sure their home models do as well. But with all their proven medical experience, they want bathing to be a soothing relaxing experience for you. That’s why Rane offers these extra options for their Walk-in Tubs:

Rane Bathing and Accessibility

The CleanRane Air Spa System – millions of bubbles hydro-massage you as you bathe. Sit back in a reclined position while preheated air bubbles in the water stimulate your skin, increase peripheral blood circulation, reduce aches and pains, soothes nerves and gently massages away dirt and stress as you relax in your own private spa in the best Rane Walk-in Tub for you and your space.

Whirlpool System – Add this feature to enjoy all the physical and emotional benefits of eight heated jet sprays that circulate the water to gently massage you as you bathe. Rejuvenate tired muscles and take advantage of the pain relief offered by pure water.

Aromatherapy – Essential oils are diffused at the rim of the tub surrounding you with fragrance and healing oils as you bathe. Use your choices of essential oils to soothe headaches relax, invigorate or use for various treatments. The aromatherapy combined with the bathing experience double the impact of your health benefits of your Rane walk-in tub.

Chromatherapy – Multi-colored lights are positioned to change the colors of the water along with the pulse of the water creating a soothing setting as you bathe in your Rane accessible walk-in tub. The pulse of the colors change with a quiet rhythm to create a full therapeutic experience as you bathe in your Rane Walk-in Tub.

Your Rane Bathing and Accessibility professional can help you find the perfect Walk-in tub to provide safety, accessibility and comfort at an affordable price, but you just might want to add these extras to make bathing a natural way to relieve pain and stress.

Extra Large Walk-In Tub

Extra Large Walk-In Tub

Extra Large Walk-In Tub

If you or your loved one is a larger size and you are ready to look into the possibility of a Walk-in Tub, you will want to check with the leader and pioneer in the field of Walk-in Tubs. Rane Bathing and Accessibility has been designing, patenting and innovative in creating bathing solutions for health care facilities for over three decades. Their Walk-in tubs for clinical settings and residential settings offer the best features to ensure safety, accessibility and comfort.  They have a beautiful Walk-in Tub created for those of a larger size so they can enjoy all the benefits of bathing in luxurious safety.

Rane’s RB14 Mediterranean Large Walk-in Tub

RB14 Mediterranean

Everything about this tub makes it safe and easy to soak up aches, pains and stress in a comfortable tub fitted for a larger size. Like every other Rane Walk-in Tub, safety is always the top priority. Bathrooms with their slick floors and hard-to-maneuver tubs are real fall risks. More injuries occur in the bathroom than any other room of the house. This tub is made with safety, accessibility, and comfort for the size you need. The low threshold and wider door with side entry makes it easy and safe to enter whether you are transferring from a wheelchair or stepping into the tub.

Walk-in Tub Fit for You

This exquisitely styled larger Walk-in Tub is designed for you with its spacious side door and 28-inch-wide seat that is contoured for your body and slightly tilted to offer a relaxing position which keeps you from sliding forward and designed to drain away from you. The sleek exterior of this tub gives your bath an upscale look of a personal spa right in your own bathroom. The interior is smooth, sturdy and comfortable with its lustrous gel coating finish which keeps it looking new for years. The RB14 Mediterranean can be used as a built-in tub, free-standing or corner tub, depending on your space and preferences.

Rane’s Standard and Optional Features

This Rane Tub is so stylish, it is easy to forget it was designed for safety, accessibility and comfort for the larger person. It comes with the Roman Deck Mount Value Package for fixtures unless you want another choice. The hand-held shower wand makes it easy to wash your hair and body. It has a removable access panel for wheelchair transfer devices. Create even more of a spa setting with optional jet sprays and aromatherapy packages.

Contact Rane Bathing and Accessibility today for more information.

Amazing Health Benefits of Bathing

Amazing Health Benefits of Bathing

Amazing Health Benefits of Bathing

The earth is made up of 71% water and our bodies consist of about 60% water. We need water to live. Not only to live but to enjoy healthy lives. Bathing in water is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Rane Bathing and Accessibility wants everyone to be able to enjoy the healthy benefits of bathing. That is why they offer accessible Walk-in Tubs that allow safe, healthy bathing for those who face mobility challenges. Here are some great Health reasons to look into a Rane Walk-in Tub:

Rane Residential Walk-In Tub

  • Heart Health – Bathing stimulates the cardiac system causing your heart to get a good work-out.
  • Better Breathing – The steam and moisture of a bath relieves congestion and the pressure of the water against the chest can help improve the cardiac and pulmonary systems.
  • Improves Brain and Nervous System – Bathing reduces pain, calms nerves, reduces stress and anxiety and improves moods.
  • Muscles, Joints and Bones – Movement in water provides a low impact resistance which alleviates pain and improves mobility.
  • Gastrointestinal Health – Warm baths improve pain of hemorrhoids and bloating, aides in wound healing after surgery, improves blood circulation which improves digestion, and reduces blood sugar.
  • Aides in Birthing – Throughout history, water births been used to assist women in childbirth through relaxation and minimizing pain.
  • Healthy Blood and Immunity – Warm baths help blood to flow easier, providing more oxygenation. Allowing deeper slower breaths. The steam from baths and hot baths are known for killing bacteria and germs.
  • Balances Hormones – Cold baths aide in helping with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and fertility issues. Baths assist hormones such as ACTH and Beta Endorphins to become more balanced. Warm baths increase serotonin which is associated with happiness and well-being.
  • Skin, Hair and Eyes – Regular bathing moisturizers and cleanses hair, skin and eyes. A hot bath opens pores so the body can naturally sweat out impurities. A cooler bath tightens the skin, reduces sweat and minimizes pores.
  • Regulate Body Temperature – A warm bath warms the body up on a cold day and transversely, a cold bath cools the body temperature down when overheated.

There are so many benefits to regular bathing, and Rane Bathing and Accessibility is committed to helping those who have challenges getting into a tub find a safe easy way to enjoy those benefits. Contact us about a Rane Walk-in Tub.