Rane Contoured Seats

Rane Contoured Seats

Rane Contoured Seats

Rane Walk-in Tubs have the most medically-inspired designs of any tub on the market. In fact, Rane Bathing and Accessibility has been designing and creating bathing tubs and accessories in the health care field for over thirty years now. The founder was a pioneer of the Walk-in Tub market three decades ago. Now, you can have the benefit of all that knowledge and expertise in your own home with a Rane residential Walk-in Tub at an affordable price. These beautifully designed Walk-in Tubs have had years of medical professionals’ input, including the Rane ergonomic contoured seating.

Designed with Therapists’ Suggestions

Rane Bathing and Accessibility has equipped our nation’s hospitals, long-term care facilities, Assisted Living settings and therapeutic clinics with Walk-in Accessible Tubs for thirty years. They are highly-respected by health care professionals. Since thousands of patients have benefited from Rane Bathing units, Rane has also listened to health care providers and therapists through the years to make their Walk-in Tubs safer, more accessible, more functional and provide a better bathing experience for independent use and assisted bathing. No other Walk-in Tub company has as much input from healthcare professionals as Rane does.

Unique Contoured Seating

Most Walk-in Tub companies have flat seating, but Rane has continued to be innovative in the designs of their seating. The special design and creation of their molded contoured seating comes from suggestions by Physical and Occupational Therapists. They are made to comfortably fit human anatomy. The shape of the seating is not just for comfort, however. The seating is slightly pitched back to protect from slipping forward. The seats on most other Walk-in Tubs tend to tilt forward for drainage. Rane’s Walk-in Tub seating not only tilts back to provide comfortable safe seating, it has a stylish track built in to drain water away from the bather at the back of the seat. All these little details provide the safest, most accessible relaxing bathing experience available in a Walk-in Tub.

Strongest, Safest, Most Functional and Loveliest Walk-in Tub

Rane Walk-in Tubs are the best choice in a Home Walk-in Tub for so many reasons. Rane has had many years of experience in designing beautiful bench-style seating for a major fast food chain. Their tubs, including the seating, are designed from heavy duty marine grade composite material. Their Walk-in Tubs are molded from the same material used on Wrecker Truck beds to keep them from rusting out from harsh winters, salt and ice. They are covered in a strong protective gel to provide a comfortable smooth finish with a lovely luster. Rane Walk-in Tubs offer easy transition from wheelchair to tub seating, or you can simply step in and sit down to enjoy a relaxing bath in the upscale look and spa-like feel of a Rane Walk-in Tub in your own home.

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Rane Walk-in Tubs as Tough as Tow Trucks

Walk-in Tubs as Tough as Tow Trucks

Rane Walk-in Tubs as Tough as Tow Trucks

If you are looking into the possibility of getting a Walk-in Tub for your home, you should get the strongest one available. Rane Bathing and Accessibility has been designing Walk-in Tubs for over thirty years. In fact, Rane was a pioneer in the field of creating Walk-in Tubs for health care facilities across America. They were already creating, designing and manufacturing various products with various composite materials when they began creating Walk-in Tubs for hospitals, long-term facilities, assisted living and therapeutic clinics thirty years ago. They are proud members of the American Composite Manufactures Association. They have been creating diversified products from composite material for decades and that has helped them create the strongest Walk-in Tubs for home use available.

Tow Trucks and Walk-in Tubs

A major fleet of a Wrecker company that works in northern USA came to Rane searching for some kind of replacement for their heavy metal truck beds which rusted out quickly due to the ice, salt and extreme weather which wreaked havoc as they were out towing vehicles in treacherous winters. Rane went to work to design new beds from heavy duty marine grade composite material which could withstand the rigorous abuse of the Wreckers’ harsh work and drastic weather. So what does this have to do with Rane’s amazing Walk-in Tubs? The same marine grade composite material is what their tubs are manufactured from. If it can take the thrashing of those tow trucks in harsh conditions, it can handle whatever might happen in your home’s Walk-in Tub!

Strong, Durable and Safe

Although Rane Tubs are designed to be incredibly strong, safety always comes first. “No slips, trips or falls” is always foremost in every model Walk-in Tub Rane designs and manufactures. Through the thirty years of equipping health care facilities with Accessible Walk-in Tubs that can take the wear and tear of hundreds of patients/residents, they have gained knowledge from recommendations of therapists, nurses, aides and medical personnel for improvements in even the smallest details to make Rane Tubs even more safe and bathing more accessible to those with all levels of mobility challenges. Rane has also created strong comfortable seating for major restaurants which has helped them develop the best seating available in Walk-in Tubs.

Strong, Therapeutic and Lovely

Rane Residential Walk-In Tubs

It’s reassuring to know the strength of Rane’s Walk-in Tubs, but you forget all about that when you see the lovely lines and curves which make your bathroom look like and feel an upscale spa. Each of those exquisite lines also serve a purpose- either to minimize how much water is required to fill and drain from your Rane Walk-in Tub, to channel water so that it drains safely and completely, or to fit the human body to be seated in the safest most comfortable position. Designers took all the recommendations of therapists and created forms to fit human anatomy and keep you from slipping so you can relax and enjoy a safe refreshing bath. Contact a Rane professional today to see which model will best fit your needs and space.

Rane RC2 Pacific Residential Walk-In tub

Different Choices of Doors for Walk-in Tubs

Different Choices of Doors for Walk-in Tubs

There are a lot of difference in Walk-in Tubs. One of the variants is in the doors. Rane Bathing and Accessibility is different in the first place as it is the only Walk-in-Tub manufacturer which started out with a medical background. They’ve been making tubs for the healthcare field for over thirty years. They are well-respected for providing safe quality bathing units for assisted living, long-term facilities and hospitals. This family-owned and operated company brings all that experience into designing and crafting Walk-in Tubs for residential use. So much goes into a Rane Walk-in Tub that it is too much to go into in this particular post. (Check out our other posts for other features.) Today we will look at differences in doors for Walk-in Tubs.

Rane RC2 Pacific Residential Walk-In Tub

Doors That Swing In

Doors that swing inside of the tub are used by those with different levels of mobility but especially for who can bear their own weight or those who are at least partially independent. The user stands up and steps into the tub, sits down in the comfortable contoured seat and closes the door. Rane Tubs fill quickly and drain quickly so the bather is not getting chilled for long. “Swing-in Doors” are also slightly less expensive due to manufacturing elements.

Rane RH6 Walk-In Tub

Doors That Swing Out

Doors that swing out are a great choice for all levels of mobility. Even someone in a wheelchair can easily transfer or slide into the contoured seat and then close the door. The outward swinging door truly eliminates all slips, trips and falls because the bather backs into the comfortable therapeutic seating, swings their legs into the tub and then closes the door. The patented “KeyLock™” system tightens and pushes down the door so there is no way any water can escape. Instead of a “Walk-in Tub,” it is probably more accurately called a “Back-in Tub.”

Rane RM3 Outward Swinging Walk-In Tub Door

Contoured Doors

Some of the Rane Walk-in Tubs have a specially-designed cut-out on their door which maximizes space in a small bathroom. The door can actually swing out over an existing toilet. Depending on the layout of your exiting bathroom, the door can swing out to the right or to the left, making it easy to enter and exit while fully utilizing your space. This also eliminates major changes in your bath area like having to move a toilet.

Contact your caring Rane Bathing and Accessibility professional who wants to bring all the best of their medical knowledge to help you get one of the elegant Rane Walk-in Tubs at a price you can afford right in your home. 

History of Rane Walk In Bath Tubs

History of Rane Creates the Best Walk-in Tubs

History of Rane Walk In Bath TubsYou know you are getting a superior Walk-in Tub when you purchase one from Rane Bathing and Accessibility. They have the history to prove it. You get the experience of three generations from a family dedicated to improving bathing for those with mobility issues. The current owner, Rich Piper, tells how his stepfather was a pioneer in designing the first Walk-in tubs that made it possible for professionals in healthcare facilities to offer safer, more accessible bathing for their patients. He first began designing tubs in 1990 which would revolutionize bathing in healthcare settings for those with mobility challenges. Today, Rane offers the best Walk-in Tubs in the industry for both facility and residential use, all built on a rich history that sets them high above the mark.

Input of Therapists and Health Professionals

From the very start to the present, as they built their business in Walk-in Tubs, they listened to therapists who were bathing patients day-in and day-out. These healthcare professionals gave Rane their input on making improvements to the walk-in tubs they designed. Ideas ranged from making it safer and easier to get in and out of the tubs while adding features to aide in more independence in personal bathing. The contoured seating designed for human anatomy came about through recommendations of therapists.  Suggestions were tested and incorporated into the next generation of walk-in tubs.

Strength of Materials

While building more Rane tubs, they were also growing in their knowledge of the materials they were using. Rane is a premier member of ACMA (American Composite Manufacturing Association). They have also built such diversified products as boating seats, seating for Burger King and other large restaurants. They even manufacture tow truck bodies and motorcycle trailers. Much has been learned about strengthening their materials which has definitely impacted the strength of Rane’s Walk-in Tubs. They have their gel-coating for a sleek comfortable finish.

From Industrial to Residential Tubs

Residential Walk-In Tubs

Three generations have kept this commitment to providing a Walk-in Tub that creates a safe, independent and enjoyable bathing experience. All the knowledge from years of designing Walk-in Tubs for facilities goes into their unique and stylish designs for private home use. Rane Walk-in Tubs may be strong, functional and therapeutic, but they also look and feel like you are stepping into a spa in your own home. They add an upscale look to your existing bathroom while making bathing safe, accessible and a relaxing experience for everyone in the family.

Contact Rane today to discover all the innovative features and designs of their Walk-in Tubs which are American made and created from years of history and experience.