The RS8 Geneva just got even better!


The RS8 Geneva now features 16 Air Spa jets (formerly 12) that are strategically placed throughout the tub for improved flow and function with the design of stretcher bathing lifts. The Air Spa jets provide millions of preheated air bubbles in the water which in-creases stimulation of peripheral blood circulation, reduces pain and inflammation in the joints, gently massages away dirt, and induces deeper relaxation. The Air Spa jets are positioned to reach the feet, legs, lower back, and hips.

Rim guards are now included as a standard feature with the RS8 Geneva. These guards will protect your supine tub from abrasions commonly incurred when using a lift to transfer into and out of the bathing system. When you ready to give your tub a fresh, new look, simply replace the two rim guards.

We now offer a “nesting” freight option on the RS8 for an additional fee. With this option, the bathing system is shipped as one unit. Upon delivery, it can be easily separated into two separate pieces for transporting within the facility.