Fighting the Coronavirus with Rane Bathing Systems

Fighting the Pandemic Together

Fighting the Coronavirus with Rane Bathing Systems

Rane Bathing and Accessibility has been aware of the great care our American healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities have been providing for our country the entire thirty years we have been working alongside them to provide accessible bathing solutions. During this time of unprecedented challenges, we want to salute those in the medical field as they fight this Coronavirus battle to save lives.

Our state-of-the-art facility located centrally in Sparta, Tennessee has been untouched so far by the virus, but we realize that many of our residential customers and the healthcare facilities we serve have not been so blessed. They are often located in more highly populated areas with much more risk of exposure. The thousands of healthcare facilities we serve across the nation are virtually locked down to protect their vulnerable residents. Our thoughts are with you, as we continue our work to design and produce the safest and most accessible home and commercial walk-in Tubs available.

Safe Work Place

Though our area of Tennessee has very few cases of COVID-19, we are providing safe working conditions for our employees while still crafting quality products to be used in private homes and in healthcare settings anywhere in the United States. Safety has always been at the forefront of what we do anyway. It is a top priority to build into each tub we design to provide safety for those who are bathing as well as for their caregivers. Safety features are engineered into the walk-in tubs for private home use as well as for facility use. That includes “no trips, slips or falls” as well as no scalding. They even sanitize. Rane Bathing and Accessibility was founded as we pioneered the first accessible Walk-in tubs for healthcare use.

Commercial Rane Walk-in Tubs Helping Now

Since nursing homes and healthcare facilities seem to be one of the hardest-hit populations in this particular battle, we know the existing Rane commercial Accessible Walk-in Tubs are already being used to combat the spread of this deadly virus to the older generation. Regular bathing helps fight the spread of this novel virus which is particularly life-threatening to those in nursing homes. Not only do Rane Tubs make it safer and easier for residents to enter and exit the tubs, it protects caregivers from musculoskeletal injuries and more productive bath times. Our commercial Walk-in Tubs have a built-in sanitizing station to reduce chance of cross- contamination.

Everyone in America can do their part to fight this pandemic from stocking groceries, driving trucks, sewing face masks, checking on neighbors…the list is endless. We are all interconnected and depend on one another. Rane will continue to craft the safest and most accessible Walk-in Tubs for residential and healthcare use.

Walk-in Tubs with a Medical Background

Walk-in Tubs with a Medical Background

Walk-in Tubs with a Medical Background

A lot of people are considering the advantages of a walk-in tub for their home. Perhaps you are one of them. There are a lot of Walk-in Tub companies in the market, but only one with the experience and knowledge that comes with Rane. This family-owned Walk-in Tub company’s founder, Jim McKraker, was a pioneer in designing, pioneering and crafting the first Walk-in Tubs for healthcare facilities. Rane Bathing and Accessibility has been producing accessible tubs for healthcare facilities for over thirty years, and is highly respected by medical professionals nationwide. If you are going to get a walk-in tub for your home, it would be wise to check out their residential line of Walk-in Tubs.

Medical Standards in a Home Walk-in Tub

As you can imagine, the standards are high for accessible bathing in healthcare facilities. Safety is always a top priority. The details designed for safety and accessibility in Rane’s commercial tubs are carried over into their residential tubs. Rane is much more than your average Walk-in Tub company. Through the years, Rane has listened to input from multiple therapists and other healthcare professionals to continue adding new design features to ensure safety and accessibility. Even the ergonomic contoured seating was designed to comfortably fit human anatomy. The slightly reclined seating keeps the bather from slipping down into the tub but allows them to relax and enjoy the bathing experience.

Accessible Tubs with a Spa Atmosphere

Rane’s designers have added their style to these highly functional tubs that cause you to forget they were created with accessibility in mind. These exquisite Walk-in Tubs add a resort-feel to your home giving your bathroom an upscale look. You may be interested in a Walk-in Tub for someone who uses a wheelchair, walker or cane. Perhaps it is harder to lift your legs up and into a traditional tub safely. Maybe you are making changes to your home, getting it ready to age-in-place. It could be you just love the style and ease of a Rane Walk-in Tub. Make bathing a relaxing experience for your entire family with the luxury of simply stepping into a tub and sitting in a comfortable position as you soak in the warm water enveloping you.

Available Features in Rane Walk-in Tubs

Choose from freestanding tubs or built-in tubs to fit your space and your needs. Rane designed their Walk-in Tub doors to open from the left or right to fit your specific floorplan. Check out the unique cut-away door that even swings out over your existing toilet to maximize your space. Rane carries models with different sizes and shapes. And for even more of a spa-feel, add the CleanRane Air Spa system that massages and soothes with warm air bubbles, the Chromatherapy which uses lights to soothe tired nerves, the Rane Whirlpool system for deep massage, or the Aromatherapy which releases healing essential oils to provide healing and more ambiance.

Contact your Rane Bathing and Accessibility experts today to learn more. Whether you want a Walk-in Tub for a mobility-challenged family member or are planning ahead to age-in-place.

Dignified Bathing Vital to Successful Long-Term Care Facilities

Dignified Bathing Vital to Successful Long-Term Care Facilities

Dignified Bathing Vital to Successful Long-Term Care Facilities

Residents and their families look closely at the care and respect given in nursing homes and long-term care facilities. Bathing, eating, toileting and genuine care are critical components to consider when looking for a place to live out the last chapter of one’s life. Rane Bathing and Accessibility has committed themselves to creating the best possible bathing solutions for healthcare settings for over three decades.  A lovely, safe, functional tub that is easily accessible for both the bather and the care-giver goes a long way to demonstrate sincere care for the staff and residents of your facility.

Safe Rane Tubs for Healthcare Facilities

Rane has more experience than any other company since their founder was a pioneer in designing and crafting Walk-in Tubs and other accessible Bathing solutions for the healthcare field. Safety is built into every aspect of Rane Tubs from the walk-in doors, to the anti-scald valves, to the slightly reclined seating contoured to comfortably fit human anatomy. Depending on the model, Rane tubs allow care-giver access on one, three or all sides of the tub offering greater access for assisted bathing without straining the caregiver in ways that produce back injuries.  Rane’s policy of “no trips, slips or falls” is woven into every factor of their accessibility tubs—including those that need lifts or transfer assistance.

Respect and Dignity for Bather in Healthcare Setting

Rane’s thoughtfully-designed Accessibility Tubs may put safety and function at the top of the list, but the lovely style of Rane Tubs exudes an exquisite upscale look. Your residents, their families and your staff will feel like they have stepped into a personal spa. Rane’s designers have incorporated ways to take the chill factor away as your residents don’t have to sit in a cold, unfeeling tub while the water fills up to get them warm. Many tubs offer a prefill option that allows warmed water to quickly soak the patient while seated in a comfortable slightly reclined contoured seat. There is also a fast drain so a warm towel and bathrobe can quickly cover the modest bather. Many features allow residents to bathe as independently as possible granting increased respect and dignity.

Make Bathing a Pleasant Experience in Your Long-term Care Facility

Bathing can be a dreaded chore for both resident and care-giver, but a lovely Rane Tub can make it feel like a day at the resort. Add a little artwork, flowers and respect for privacy when possible and a Rane Tub can add to your facility by relaxing nerves, soothing sore muscles, improving circulation, stopping the spread of infection (note Ranes’ built-in sanitizing stations for easy use between bathers). You will have happier residents, families and staff. Contact Rane Bathing and Accessibility today for more information.

Desquamation & Skin Care in the Elderly

There has long been a call for more focus on preventing and management of impaired skin integrity—especially in our elderly population, which is always increasing. With so many long-term facilities serving our aging citizens, this is the time to educate and implement more ways to promote healthy skin in facility residents. Better management of healthy skin can actually prevent wounds and disorders while improving the quality of life. Desquamation is the normal shedding or flaking off of the outer layers of skin as new skin cells take their place. It often shows up at a higher rate in the geriatric population. Rane Bathing and Accessibility wants to partner with healthcare facilities to improve all aspects of bathing, which includes skin care for residents in your facilities.

Causes of Excessive Desquamation & Skin Disorders in the Elderly

  • With aging, skin is unable to produce and maintain the moisture it did at a younger age
  • Skin becomes thinner as certain cells flatten due to lack of natural moisture
  • Sitting in front of a heater or keeping the room very hot takes away moisture from skin
  • Not enough water intake. The elderly often don’t drink as much water as needed
  • Taking baths in hot temperatures or for prolonged times
  • Using soaps or skin products with too high of an alkaline level
  • Cold winter weather or very dry air

Educating Staff and Residents about Skin Care

  • Proper Skin Care prevents skin wounds and disorders
  • Increase water intake which improves overall health-not just skin
  • Baths can hydrate different skin cells and plump them up
  • Hot baths and showers should be switched to lukewarm water
  • Use a soap substitute or a product with a pH level between 4-7 (often marked “for sensitive skin”)
  • Limit baths to 30 minutes or less
  • Blot lightly with towel as opposed to rubbing skin dry
  • Apply the correct moisturizer while skin is still slightly damp from bathing (traps moisture from bathing inside the skin)
  • Know the difference in moisturizers: Lotions– have the highest water content with no greasy residue, but evaporate more quickly needing more frequent application; Creams– have an oil in water base and have less occlusive base than oil; Ointments– consist of water-in-oil (typically lanolin or petrolatum) base and have the longest lasting effect on skin moisturizing than lotions or creams but leaves a greasy residue.

Rane Bathing and Accessibility, a pioneer in Walk-in Tubs, is highly-respected in the healthcare field for its innovative designs and solutions in accessible bathing for residential and facility use. They are dedicated to making baths safer, more accessible, more comfortable, and healthier. Contact Rane today.

Create a Resident-Friendly Bathing Area for Your Long-Term Care Facility

Create a Resident-Friendly Bathing Area for Your Long-Term Care Facility

Create a Resident-Friendly Bathing Area for Your Long-Term Care Facility

One of the most humbling and vulnerable positions someone can be put in is being bathed in a public facility. There are many things long-term facilities can do to provide honor and respect for their residents—no matter what their degree of mobility might be. Rane Bathing and Accessibility has been in the business for over three decades of creating bathing solutions for the health care field.  They are always looking for innovative ways to make the bathing experience safe and positive. Think how the following changes will show future residents and their families that you honor and respect every one of your clients.

Atmosphere of Bathing Area

Instead of a cold, sterile, clinical feel with a hurried approach to get as many residents as possible bathed in assembly line style, consider creating a more personal touch to an event that can be scary to those who have spent their whole life bathing themselves. Rane’s accessibility tubs are styled to look and feel like a comfortable spa. These lovely tubs make bathing a welcome experience. Add to the comfort of that experience by adding some music, art, lighting and towels folded hotel-style.

Personalized Bathing Experience

Some facilities have found it better to have specially trained bathers (perhaps male and female) who take this job with the respectful approach it deserves. With the same few people assisting with baths, they can keep a log of the preferences of each individual resident- temperature of water, what type of music to play, how independent they are and what they need assistance with. Another great way to personalize bathing while offering respect is to have lockers in the bathing area to place their clothes they will be putting on, or to make certain each resident is fully covered in a warm robe while being transported to and from a bath. Also consider giving residents a choice of bathing times so they can keep a choice in one of their activities.

Encourage Independence yet Keep Safety First

With Rane Accessibility Tubs, there are many features which assist the bather to be as independent as possible so they can wash themselves as much as possible. The slightly-reclined contoured seating of the Walk-in Tubs allows them to experience the warm relaxing bath which calms anxiety, stimulates the circulatory system, prevents infection and makes the resident feel safe and respected.

Caregiver-Friendly as Well

Rane’s Accessibility Tubs are available in multiple models. You can have more than one tub being used at a time for residents who need or prefer different tubs. Tubs fill and empty quickly and have built-in sanitizing units to quickly sanitize between bathers. Each of their tubs are designed to prevent care-givers’ back injuries and resident injuries while allowing residents the most independent use. Putting oneself in the hands of someone else can be very intimidating, especially when you feel exposed and vulnerable, but Rane Bathing and Accessibility brings safety, comfort, style and personal service to your long-term care facility.


Prevent Long-Term Resident Injuries While Bathing

Prevent Long-Term Resident Injuries While Bathing

Prevent Long-Term Resident Injuries While Bathing

Preventing falls in long-term care facilities is of utmost importance. It should be at the top of the list of priorities. Safety officers, insurance, agencies, families, and potential residents and their families all look to see what the safety measures are in place to keep residents from slips, trips and falls. Probably the greatest risk factor for falls is while taking baths. Rane Bathing and Mobility has been serving the healthcare field for over thirty years and they always keep safety as the most prominent feature. Rane knows all about bathing in health care settings. The founder was a pioneer in the Walk-in Tub field for healthcare facilities. This multi-generation family-owned business is well-respected and knowledgeable in health care bathing across the United States.

Medical History in Bathing Solutions

Rane’s founder became involved in some of the very first walk-in tubs created for health care facilities. Then he began crafting accessibility tubs for healthcare settings using all the experience, safety requirements and input from healthcare professionals. Rane not only listens to health care professionals on all levels, but has people in management today who have extensive background in the healthcare industry. This medical experience goes a long way in designing and creating commercial tubs that protect residents and patients from falls where slippery floors and weak bodies are a combination for heightened fall risk.

Health Care Accessibility Tubs Designed for Safety

Rane takes great pride in the spa-like look and feel of our commercial Tubs; but that is not our main objective.  Safety is always first in everything we do to prevent slips, trips and falls for residents. Every lovely line has a very important job with built-in features to prevent accidents while bathing. The Walk-in Doors allow residents with varying degrees of mobility to step or transfer into a comfortable slightly-reclined seat. The seating is not just flat, but contoured to fit human anatomy. The slightly-tilted seating allows the resident to lean back and relax while keeping them from slipping forward. Access to the tub removes one of the greatest fall risks of trying to raise legs up and over a tub. Learn more about many other safety features such as the anti-scald valve and double door lock.

Commercial Accessibility Tub with a Spa Feel

With the main focus being safety in healthcare settings, you would expect Rane Tubs to look institutional. The resort- ambiance of Rane’s Healthcare bathing solutions make resident feel like they are being pampered in a spa- with a dignity and special treatment for those who have lived long and hard. Baths will not only be safe but looked forward to with a relaxing bath to soothe sore muscles, anxiety, stress while improving circulation. Keep residents clean and happy. Your bathing area will be safe and be a wonderful way to spread the word of excellent care/treatment of your residents.

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