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History of Rane Creates the Best Walk-in Tubs

You know you are getting a superior Walk-in Tub when you purchase one from Rane Bathing and Accessibility. They have the history to prove it. You get the experience of three generations from a family dedicated to improving bathing for those with mobility issues. The current owner, Rich Piper, tells how his stepfather was a […]

Rane Offers the Industry’s Best Walk-In Tub Door

  The Key to Choosing a Walk-in Tub One of the most important aspects to a great Walk-in Tub is in the door. That’s just one of the reasons Rane Walk-in Tubs are the best in the industry. That’s also why Rane Bathing and Accessibility can offer a lifetime warranty on their doors against leaking […]

Statistics for Falls in the Bathroom Are Personal

There are a lot of studies which include statistics surrounding falls in the home. Statistics don’t mean much when it happens to you or a loved one. That’s when it becomes personal. My 87-year-old mom has fallen numerous times breaking three hips (yes, she only has two hips- one was broken twice), her pelvis, a […]

The RS8 Geneva just got even better!

The RS8 Geneva now features 16 Air Spa jets (formerly 12) that are strategically placed throughout the tub for improved flow and function with the design of stretcher bathing lifts. The Air Spa jets provide millions of preheated air bubbles in the water which in-creases stimulation of peripheral blood circulation, reduces pain and inflammation in […]

No Time to Exercise?

Soaking in a hot bath, like Rane’s RM3 Superior personal spa, provides health benefits for people who are unable to exercise regularly. A study (at Longsborough University) found a link between hot baths, blood sugar, and calories burned. Both, the calories burned and Type 2 diabetes were reduced when associated with taking a bath and […]

Introducing the Redesigned RK12 Winnipeg

Rane would like to announce the improved redesign of its RK12 Winnipeg Bathing System, with a sleek new look and an improved design for the disinfectant cabinet door. With the new design, the placement of the disinfectant solution has been moved from the cabinet door to inside the cabinet. This change improves the user’s experience […]